When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade. That is just how Ken Newton started Plata in 1995. Armed with an International Business degree from Florida State University, Ken was determined to learn Spanish. He taught English in Mexico for some time and found the experience to be quite rewarding until a devaluation in the Mexican peso caused businesses to "cut back" and eliminate their education budget. Well that last teaching paycheck turned into a buying and learning adventure into the world of sterling silver jewelry.

Ken has always been interested in the rich Mexican history and the opportunity to learn more about Mexico through its silver history was appealing.  In 2008, after several years of importing finished goods from Mexico, he decided to design products to his own specifications. The desire to travel has since lead him to Italy, Thailand, Bali and many other places.  Influences and components from several countries often appear in a single design.

Ken has focused on designs with texture and natural influences. Organic wire and hammering are used in many designs as well as some use of waxed cotton for a Bohemian style. Above all, Ken has targeted designs that are "sellable" and appeal to the "everyday customer for every day wear".